What is Category Icons ?

I agree with Ryan Caldwell (performancing.com) :

So the first step in my adventure was to prettify [my pages] a bit. To do this, I downloaded the Category Icons plugin for WordPress. Category Icons allows you to associate a unique image with each of your WordPress categories. By placing a little snippet of code on your category.php theme file, you can then have a big, bold image come up that will make your category pages look better than 90% of the category pages out there.

Or with  JTPratt when he wrote :

It’s a beautiful plugin […] well documented and supported. Everything is configurable from the options menu, you can use it on your index (home) page, post pages, or even your sidebar! You can do icons only, or text and icons, and it comes with a widget for the sidebar.

The cool thing about the plugin is that it gives you ways to do one or multiple category icons, but also a method for putting icons with your categories in the side bar as well ! I’m always very grateful when a good plugin come along !


Sources : JTPRATT’s Blogging Mistakes ( here & here ) & Performancing

Latest version installed but WordPress says it can be updated

WordPress says that there is an update for Category Icons Widget, whereas you have the latest version installed :

I don’t know why, but when the WordPress server (api.wordpress.org) is asked to check for updates, it gives this response for the widget :

[category-icons/category_icons-widget.php] => stdClass Object
[id] => 1258
[slug] => category-icons
[new_version] => 1.8.6
[url] => http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/category-icons/
[package] => http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/category-icons.zip

The version received is 1.8.6 instead of 1.1. So, the solution to get rid of this, is to edit the file category_icons-widget.php and modify the line :

Version: 1.1

to this :

Version: 1.8.6

In the next version of the plugin, it’ll be corrected.

“Error in Category Icons : you must deactivate and reactivate this plugin”

Problem :

I’m getting an error message when I get to the Manage Categories page: Error in Category Icons : you must deactivate and reactivate this plugin.

So far, I’ve deactivated and reactivated the plugin, but the problem is not resolved.

Solution :

A very few people encountered this issue. This is when you upgrade from a version older than 1.7 to a new one : there is a new field addedd in the table, named priority, since 1.7, to manage icons priority. Continue reading

File’s permissions

Permissions on files

Permissions on files

You can see that the directory upload has the following permissions : 775 (you can be less permissive, of course 😉  ), and the owner is submarine (the account I use to upload icons via ftp), and the group is www-data (Apache user on Debian).


Permissions on files - bis

Permissions on files - bis

And in the “uploads” directory, you can see that all the icons have been uploaded, so the permissions are : 644, the owner & the group are submarine.


Permissions on files - ter

Permissions on files - ter

The plugin has the following permissions, too (I have uploaded it via ftp): 644, the owner & the group are submarine.

If you have problems with the permissions, try first 777 on the directory and the files.

No icon in dropdown menu

If you get “no icon” as your only choice in the dropdown menu, whereas you uploaded icons in the default uploads directory, make sure you have entered the proper path in Options > Miscellaneous > Store uploads in this folder : wp-content/uploads !

No Select or Remove links in Manage tab

Update : since v1.9.8, there are no more select and remove links : in the icons tab, you click on the category name to select icons, and you check the boxes on the left to select which icons you want to remove.

To manage icons, you need to be at least to level 4 (editor). So if you have no link in action, check your role, in Users > Authors & Users. Change your role to administrator in Authors & Users, even if you’re administrator, and then click on the button to update your role :