Translate the plugin

To the translators : you can put your name in the translated file, as well as your website url, if you have one. If you want to use poEdit, the POT file to translate is available in the WordPress repo here.

The following translations are included in the plugin :

  • Arabian (ar) by Ahmad Bekdash
  • Belorussian (by_BY) by Fat Cower,
  • Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) by Pedro Germani, Helder Vieira & Rodrigo Vieira Alves
  • Bulgarian (bg_BG) by Kalin Dimitrov
  • Chinese (zh_CN) by hunterlog
  • Chinese Taïwan (zh_TW) by Hugo Chen
  • Czech by Spazi
  • Danish (da_DK) by Henrik Schack
  • Dutch (nl_NL) by Vincent Sparreboom
  • French (fr_FR) by Brahim Machkouri
  • German (de_DE) by Kristian Bollnow
  • Indian by Love Chandel (Outshine Solutions)
  • Italian (it_IT) by Gianni Diurno (
  • Japanese (ja) by Tenderfeel
  • Persian (fa_IR) by Sushyant Zavarzadeh
  • Polish (pl_PL) by Shlizer (
  • Romanian, Web Geek Science  (Web Hosting Geeks)
  • Russian (ru_Ru) by Dimox
  • Slovak (sk) by Samuel Kroslak
  • Spanish/Catalan (es_ES /ca) by TechnopodMan
  • Swedish (sv_SE) by P-C
  • Turkish (tr_TR) by Selim Basak
  • Ukrainian (uk_UA) by Andrew Senyshyn